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December 29, 2017

Hello, Real Team. This is the last weekend of 2017.  Happy New Year to everyone! Many of us evaluate the highlights of the previous year, draft a list of new desired achievements, and commit to follow a plan to reach our goals.  With a plan on-hand, we set a schedule with a series of to do’s.  Some stay on course, and accomplish many of the goals on the list.  Others get distracted and forget the list. 
Statistically, according to research conducted by the University of Scranton, only 8% of people who set New Year’s resolutions achieve those. 
The following are a few tips that help us achieve some of our resolution goals on our list.

–         Keep your list short.

Make your goal achievable.  If you have a big goal, break it into doable actions and make it quantifiable or measurable.  For example, your goal is to walk five miles effortlessly every day.  If you have not walked in several years, begin by walking half a mile and increase it when you can comfortably walk one mile and gradually increment the distance until you reach your goal

–        Be specific.  In the example above, your goal is to be able walk five miles comfortably every single day. 
–        Be clear.  You have set a plan in place to walk half a mile daily and increase it to a mile when you can do it without feeling out of breath, exhausted, and nothing hurts. 
Eventually, you will have reached your goal of walking five miles without effort. With a plan, your goal became clear, specific, doable, and measurable. 
Setting personal goals is the same as setting career/work performance goals.  Your goals must be clear, achievable, and measurable.  Otherwise, you will not see your progress.  In 2018, we will address high performance habits and goals.  We will have continuous quarterly training, on-going support and reinforcement, feedback sessions, and outcome reports for all the leadership in management and the field. 
Keep the PayNotes that we published on December 15, 2017.  Keep the story of Michael Jordan in mind.  Much of habit forming is discipline and it begins with forming a mindset.  We will explore questions such as the following: 
Why do some individuals and teams succeed more quickly than others (and sustain that success over the long term)?
Of those individuals who succeed, why are some miserable and others happy on their journey?
What motivates people to reach for higher levels of success in the first place, and what kinds of habits, training, and support help them improve faster?
Think about what goals you would like to explore and what habits you would like to establish.  Create a short list.  We will give you additional details in the coming few weeks.
We have great opportunities coming our way in 2018.  It takes a great team to achieve together pulling in the same direction.  Happy New Year!                       
FIRST QUARTERLY MEETING 2018.  Please mark your calendars to attend the mandatory First Quarterly Employee Meeting 2018 on Friday, January 26, 2018.  We will discuss operations, new business, employee goals, future opportunities and expectations that the New Year brings.  We are excited about seeing everyone.
CHRISTMAS/END  Thank you for attending the Christmas/End of Year Celebration.  We had a great time together.  Several of our attendants won prizes that we offered as part of the fun.  We hope you are able to attend next year.
Overtime Work:  All overtime must be pre-approved.  Submit your request for approval with ample time to have it approved.
Keys:  Key replacement will cost $50.00, fifty dollars per key if you lose your keys.  Safeguard your keys. 
Tardiness and Absenteeism: Leads and managers, please report tardiness and absences in your daily reports.  Continuous absences and tardiness are grounds for termination.  Please add these to your comments on your daily/weekly reports.  Notes should include agreements or special arrangements that you make with your subordinates.  It is difficult for the Admin Team to keep up with payroll hours and we have to keep accurate records for Human Resources personnel files. 
DRUGS, ALCOHOL and SMOKE FREE WORKPLACE: Real Network Services, Inc. is a drug, smoke and alcohol free workplace.  Random drug testing will be conducted.  Refer to employee manual, under the section, “DRUG, ALCOHOL and SMOKE FREE WORKPLACE.” Anyone found violating this policy will be terminated. 

Safety in the Workplace.  Please submit your list of courses that you would like to take via the JJKeller Online Courses and Video Training.  Several of you have submitted the courses you would like to take.  We will inform you how to go online when we have the passwords from JJKeller.  Only a small fraction of all employees have submitted their request.  Please keep safe.  Carelessness and safety infractions are cause for disciplinary action and may lead to termination.    
Expenses.  Please turn in your expense receipts no later than Monday of payroll week.  It takes time to process and obtain approval before cutting your expense check.  The Admin Team will not accept expenses that are dated from a month or months ago.

SAFETY & SECURITY. Take your safety responsibilities very seriously.  Please report any suspicious behavior, unethical decisions, anyone breaking the work guidelines, etc.  immediately FIRED & PROSECUTED.  Please observe all the rules and restrictions of the Company and of our customers’ job sites.  Careless on the job is unacceptable and subject to disciplinary action including termination.  Many employees work on high security areas.  Be vigilant and obey all rules.  Violations can be catastrophic and carry high penalties.  Be safe and secure!    
Until next time,
Joe Reyes, President
Real Network Services, Inc.